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Carpet flooring makes sense for so many spaces

Never before has carpeting been such a perfect material for so many floors throughout your home. Extensive benefits, many added at the point of manufacture, make it a fitting floor covering from room to room. But there’s so much more to know about this material and how it can benefit your home.

Still, as soft and plush as ever, you'll enjoy the comfort that comes with these floors for up to 30 years. Another mainstay is the wide variety of appearance options for the perfect décor match. And we can’t forget the impressive welcoming ambiance felt when guests arrive in your entryway or living room.

Carpet floors offer a great variety

When it comes to carpet floors, you’re sure to appreciate the wealth of appearance options at your disposal. Choose neutral solids as a base for your playful décor schemes, or unique patterns and designs that can make your floors a focal point. There are many to choose from, no matter what your preference, so matching is no huge feat.

When it comes to durability, you’ll have more options than you ever thought possible. Many brands manufacture superior stain protection into the fibers of your chosen flooring for floors that look like new for years. Some brands even offer protection that is pet specific for both stains and odors, which is great news for pet owners.

If you enjoy peaceful spaces in your home, this floor covering is excellent for reducing noise levels by absorbing many sounds that generally bounce off hard surface flooring. Shoe clicks, loud voices, and pet sounds are significantly minimized, especially between floors, leaving you with quiet perfection. And the softness that makes this possible also works to retain heat in the wintertime, for warmer spaces and lower energy costs. To find out more about how this floor covering can work to your great benefit, come and speak with one of our flooring specialists today.

Our showroom offers excellent carpet

For those in the communities of Fairfax, VA, Alexandria, VA, Springfield, VA, Vienna, VA, Mclean, VA, and Allister, VA, Carpet City & Home Decorating Center offers plentiful carpeting materials and services, no matter how big or small your flooring project. What’s more, we’ll make sure it matches your décor, your requirements, and your budget, so the process never feels overwhelming or burdensome. When you’re ready to visit a carpet flooring retailer that truly cares about your flooring experience, visit us at our Fairfax, VA showroom when you’re in the area.