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Why should you consider hardwood flooring?

If you’ve never experienced wood floors for yourself, you might not know what you’re missing. Extensive personalization options make this an easy décor match, while the durability helps work toward the average 100-year lifespan. But there are plenty of other benefits that make this material one you should spend a bit more time researching.

For instance, you'll find these floors are perfectly stable, especially when placed in an above-ground space. They can be refinished, allowing you to change stain color and finish options, and they’re perfect for both rustic and contemporary appearances. Let’s find out what else you’ll gain.

What are some of the benefits of wood floors?

There’s hardly a better match for your décor, no matter what you have in place currently. For rustic cabins or farmhouse chic, you’ll find this a great material match. But it’s also just as impressive in contemporary settings with modern fixtures and décor. The good news is, you can make these floors work in any environment.

These floors are very durable, especially when you choose a species that’s hard enough to withstand your lifestyle. The more in-house traffic you have, the harder your species should be, with oak being a good choice for many homeowners. However, we’ll make sure to match your style precisely, so be prepared to discuss details.

If you need flooring for a basement space, you should know that engineered wood is a better choice than a solid variety. It’s still a real wood flooring product, with a veneer of wood attached to layers of plywood. But it stands up very well in damp, humid spaces where temperatures are apt to change quickly.

A hardwood flooring showroom just for you

These materials are likely to require acclimation before installation to make sure they do not crack, peel, or warp. The acclimation process allows the wood to reach the same humidity levels that are already present in your home. Time frames for this process are different from home to home, but can usually range from one hour to three days, depending on the humidity levels present.

For residents from the areas of Fairfax, VA, Alexandria, VA, Springfield, VA, Vienna, VA, Mclean, VA, and Allister, VA, Carpet City & Home Decorating Center provides extensive wood floor options and services, from design consultation to aftercare, and everything in between. Come and speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable associates who can get your project started right away. Be sure you visit our Fairfax, VA showroom location to find wood floors you’ll never have to replace.